Music Business Academy is offered by Mr. Barry Neil Shrum, a 20-year veteran in entertainment law.  Mr. Shrum is based on Music Row, the heart of “Music City, U.S.A.” – Nashville, Tennessee.  MBA is a unique series of sessions providing the upcoming and established mid-tier artist, musician, songwriter and other music industry professionals with the essential legal foundation for music industry survival.  Mr. Shrum unravels the essential provisions of various industry-specific agreements just as if you were in the client chair – bringing clarity to the legalese and identifying red flags in the “small print.”  Some specific agreements covered in the MBA session are:

*    the exclusive recording agreement
*    the exclusive songwriting agreement
*    the personal management agreement

For the do-it-yourself generation, Mr. Shrum will also explain the details of a typical iTunes deal as well as other online distribution issues relevant to today’s guerilla marketers.

Attendees walk away with a functional understanding of basic copyright, trademark and contract law — a virtual “MBA” in the music business!  Specialized written materials are provided to all attendees of MBA as a continuing reference and valuable resource.

For more information about Barry Neil Shrum, visit his website or his blog Law on the Row.